AN ENTREPRENEUR is set to support women coming out of lockdown with free confidence courses.

Confidence and life coach Sarah Bryer, from Braintree, founded Show/Girl Coaching after she was made redundant during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sarah said confidence loss during lockdown “needs to be addressed” as the country prepares to return to some sort of normality.

She said: “Finally, it feels like there is light at the end of the tunnel, but many people will have been at home for a year.

“We need to address confidence loss, particularly in women, who have faced the most significant challenges according to recent studies, and who the effects of last year will have the biggest effect going forward.”

Sarah has over ten years’ experience in coaching, managing and leading teams across various industries.

Show/Girl Coaching will feature free ‘Calling on Confidence’ online sessions once a month between March and June to support people out of lockdown.

Sarah added: “Some have been shielding for over a year, have been home schooling, had a baby in lockdown, or their roles have been made redundant. So, it is common to feel like you have lost a part of yourself or your identity.

“Show/Girl really began when I was watching an American Football game with my husband.

“I asked out loud: What happens to the cheerleaders once this job finishes? What is next for them?

“My vision is that through the power of coaching I can help women feel confident and love themselves inside and out; and excited about what their future has to hold.

The sessions will cover goal setting, self-worth in the workplace and being your own ‘cheerleader’.

For more information, contact Sarah on 07536 994521 or go to