I am confused as to when the new pavilion on Braintree and Bocking Recreation Ground is to be built.

The ground has been levelled, and for some reason the football field behind where the old pavilion was has been lengthened, this now covering where the old pavilion stood.

I understand Covid has just about destroyed just about everything, but we were advised that a building would take its place mounting the clock tower onto the new building.

There seems to be a complete lack of wanting people to enter this area as the paths have been ruined by the work carried out on the extension of this field.

I, as a wheelchair user, can no longer gain access to John Ray Street as the path is so bad, and the goalposts have been positioned across the path, blocking my way - unless, that is, I travel via the fields, which, as they are, it would be a foolish thing to do.

I welcome a response to my letter from the committee of the trust to reassure me that all is not lost.

Ray Lewin
River Mead, Braintree