BRAINTREE is the only authority in mid Essex where Covid infection rates continue to fall, according to the latest figures. 

The infection rate in the area stands at 69.5 per 100,000 people for the seven days leading up to February 25, down from 80.6 the seven days prior. 

A further 106 cases have also been recorded. 

The highest infection rate in the district is in West Witham at 101.8 and six new cases.

In Panfield, Finchingfield and Bardfield the rate is suppressed meaning there were fewer than three cases in the last seven days.

This is also the case in Great Notley and Black Notley.

Here are the infection rates for the rest of the district:

Flitch Green, Felsted & High Easter

Infection rate: 62.5

Cases: 7

Braintree West and Rayne

Infection rate: 88.9

Cases: 7

Braintree South

Infection rate: 70.1

Cases: 7

Central Braintree

Infection rate: 95.1

Cases: 9


Infection rate: 41.2

Cases: 3

Bocking Churchstreet and Blackwater

Infection rate: 64.6

Cases: 6

Silver End and Stisted

Infection rate; 96.6

Cases: 10

Coggeshall and Kelvedon

Infection rate: 94.1

Cases: 10

North Witham

Infection rate: 54.5

Cases: 5

Witham South, Hatfield Peverel & White Notley

Infection rate: 75.0

Cases: 6

West Witham

Infection rate: 101.8

Cases: 6

Witham Town

Infection rate: 53.4


In Halstead the rate has quadrupled, reaching 140.0 per 100,000 people in the seven days to February 25, up from 35.0 the seven days prior.

Figures also show a further 12 cases were recorded in the last seven days.

A similar pattern followed in Maldon as the infection rate stands at 63.1 per 100,000 people in the seven days to February 25 - an increase from 58.5 cases the week before.

A further 41 cases were also recorded.