A GRATEFUL mum says she is “thrilled” after receiving a cash boost to help pay for vital treatment for her disabled daughter.

Four-year-old Mila Cole, from Braintree, has cerebral palsy, leaving her unable to crawl, walk, talk or eat without help.

But a generous £1,000 donation from major housebuilder Persimmon Homes will now help Mila become more independent and give her the chance to improve her mobility and keep her joints and muscles strong, healthy, and pain-free.

Mum Kerry Douse said the family are always looking for different treatments which are not available through the NHS.

She said: “We are thrilled to receive support from Persimmon Homes in Essex, and it is a real boost for our amazing little girl.

“Cerebral palsy affects Mila in a number of ways, leaving her unable to crawl or walk, talk and eat without the use of a feeding tube.

“As a family we are always looking at different treatments and equipment to help Mila and unfortunately they are not all available through the NHS.”

Last year the family travelled to the US for therapy which costs £12,000.

They are still fundraising so Mila can receive private therapy.

Kerry added: “We are currently fundraising for weekly private therapy sessions that can cost from £70 for an hour up to more intensive therapies costing up to £1,000.

“Fundraising is tough at the moment and every penny we raise goes towards the specialist care that Mila desperately needs, so we are very grateful for this support.”

The £1,000 grant was made through the Persimmon Homes’ Community Champions campaign which invites groups and charities to apply for match-funding.

Managing director Richard Hush said: “It’s hard to imagine the impact having a child that is battling such a cruel disease has on a family and we are delighted to help with funding for Mila’s therapy.

“This is exactly what our Community Champions scheme is all about – supporting communities and individuals to make a positive change.”

To apply for funding from the scheme visit persimmonhomes.com/charity online.