When confronted with a choice between supporting a public service and cutting it, Conservative-led administrations instinctively reach for the axe.

Cuts have consequences, so it is unsurprising that, after a decade of Tory ‘austerity’, our public services are finding it a struggle to cope with the current pandemic.

Against this background, although Ross Playle blithely urges us to believe the assurances of Tory-led Essex County Council (Letters, January 14) regarding the future of the Witham Recycling Centre, he can hardly be surprised if Witham citizens regard such assurances with deep scepticism.

ECC might try to argue that retaining the centre furthers the national Government’s so-called green agenda.

Such an argument would have to be taken with a large pinch of salt, given the fact that the Conservative Government has agreed to plans for an extra runway at Heathrow and a new coal mine in Northumbria, as well as allocating billions of pounds to the roads system.

The only way to ensure protection for the Witham Recycling Centre is for the citizens of Witham to vote for Labour candidates for Essex County Council.

David Martin

Bridge Street, Witham