A KEEN photographer has described the “unnerving” moment a cliff started to crumble just metres away from where he and his partner were walking their dogs.

Lee Chamberlain, 33, from Kirby Cross, was strolling along a section of beach in front of the Naze Tower, in Walton, with partner Luke Tappenden, 28, on Sunday afternoon.

The unsuspecting pair were also accompanied by their two happily running dogs, Jess and Mia, as well as Mr Chamberlain’s partner’s father.

But all of a sudden, a cluster of rocks started to roll down the cliffside, before huge chunks of the slowly eroding cliff started to cascade towards the beach.

Braintree and Witham Times:

Mr Chamberlain, who walks regularly on the Walton beach, said: “There were large parts of cliff falling every time the wind blew but then it just started to give way.

“I got my camera out and it crashed down and then very soon afterwards the top half of the cliff came falling down.

“It was quite unnerving, because our dogs had just been near there, but it was very surprising to see, and it was enough to cause a shock.”

The latest concerning images come three months after the Naze Protection Society once again kicked into gear after sections of the cliff started to fall in October.

The group had campaigned for years to raise almost £250,000 towards the £1.2million Crag Walk scheme, which opened in 2011 to protect the historic Naze Tower.

But David Eagle, acting chairman of the Naze Protection Society, believes further action is needed to prevent additional erosion.

Mr Chamberlain has therefore since shared the worrying footage on social media to assist anyone who might be studying the costal erosion.

He added: “You do get quite a lot of cliff erosion down on the beach, but it's very rare to see it actually happening before your eyes.

"Quite a lot of the cliff is coming away in places, and I know there has been a lot of concern about Naze Tower, which is just a bit further along from where we were.

"So, I thought I'd share it because it might help people who are looking into this."