Readers are divided on whether people should be challenged for not wearing a mask in shops to protect the spread of coronavirus.

We asked readers if they thought people should be challenged for not wearing a mask, after supermarkets joined forced to crack down on the matter.

Four major supermarket chains announced they would ban shoppers who refused to wear face coverings after concerns about behaviour in stores.

Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco all made the move.

Some argued those with medical reasons for not wearing one shouldn’t have to explain themselves.

One reader said: “If you are exempt why should you be singled out.

“Everyone has rights or at least they should. It’s awful how people are turning on one and another.

Others thought that those with medical reasons should be given a badge or lanyard to avoid conflict.

One reader said: “My daughter has additional needs and has a lanyard, if people have the same issues they should also have a lanyard.

“I’ve seen too many people in shops with no mask on and it’s not just themselves they are putting at risk it’s those around them too.”

Another said: “You should be wearing some kind of face covering, be it a mask or a shield and if you are exempt from wearing one should indicate this with a lanyard or badge.”

Others thought that the move wasn’t necessary and only a polite reminder was needed.

One person said: “I see nothing wrong with politely saying something like ‘If there isn’t a reason why you can’t, please can you put your mask on.’

“I forgot to put a mask on and a polite reminder was all it needed. I have also asked staff to put their masks on properly, too.”

But others disagreed and want the message ‘no mask, no entry; enforced.

Comments included:

“I agree sick and tired hearing people say they have a medical condition but show no proof just an excuse.”

“No mask no entry lots of people who have no health problems are pretending to have health problems.”

“I wear a mask l at work for 8 hours nurses and doctors wear them 12 hours you only have to put them on for at most 15 minutes in a supermarket.”