A DISGRACED bar worker who stole hundreds of pounds from a veterans’ club has “let himself and everyone down”, a disappointed charity chairwoman has said.

Scott Delivett, 30, of Walton Road, Walton, stole a total of £509 from the coastal town’s Royal British Legion branch between January and March 2019.

It is understood he was eventually caught after his colleagues became suspicious of disappearing funds and looked through hours of security footage and till rolls.

Delivett, who was a keyholder at the club for several months, is said to have pocketed the cash in a variety of different ways including selling half price drinks.

He was eventually arrested after the club’s chairman Kathy Munford collated the evidence and handed it over to officers from Essex Police.

"Scott was a popular member of staff but he let himself and everyone down,” said a disappointed Kathy.

“He did not ring drinks in and pocketed the money, rang in part orders and pocketed the difference, and he gave away free drinks – it was all caught on camera.

“He lied to everyone by denying what he had done and blamed the staff and committee for lying and caused a lot of upset.”

Despite being caught nearly two years ago, the coronavirus pandemic as well as numerous other factors delayed the process of justice.

Criminal Delivett, however, finally appeared at Colchester Magistrates’ Court last month and admitted theft.

Magistrates ordered him to carry out 100 hours of community service within the next 12 months and he must also pay back the £509 he stole from the club.

He will also have to now pay a surcharge of £85 to fund victim services and £105 to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Kathy, who has been chairman of the club since last summer, added: “He abused our trust in him by stealing.

“He stole from all the members in the club, for which there is no excuse.”