A pair of beavers have done a dam good job at helping save a village from flooding after heavy rainfall.

Two Eurasian Beavers were introduced at Spains Hall Estate in Finchingfield in March 2019 to try to stem flooding in the area downstream.

Now after the village saw over 25milimetres of heavy rainfall, they have 'saved the day'.

Since they were introduced they have built so many dams that researchers have lost count.

Estate owner Archie Ruggles-Brise said the beavers go 'into overdrive' when it rains to protect their dams.

He said: "We stopped counting after about 25. They are just so prolific.

"They build dam after dam after dam and connect them all up.

Braintree and Witham Times: Finchingfield Finchingfield

"So where we once had three or four dams, we now have one big dam.

The beavers are part of a five-year project at Spains Hall to reduce flooding.

They are the first of their species to be exploring Essex in more than 400 years.

Previously in 2012 and 2014, Finchingfield suffered from flooding during heavy rain.

Now the dams hold the water and cause it to pool and spread sideways, preventing it from going downstream and into the village.

Mr Ruggles-Brise said: "When it rain its like flicking a switch and they go into overdrive.

"They see there is a problem and so they begin building, they repair any bits that are broken and they build more and more.

Some of the water remains for long periods of time, right through the driest months of the year- and is released slowly.