A FISHING group is calling for action amid concerns about the state of a lake at a popular beauty spot.

Chris Burt, of the Angling Coaching Initiative, has described the area of water at Great Notley Country Park as “disgusting” but says requests for improvements have so far been ignored by Essex County Council.

Mr Burt helps teach youngsters how to fish but fears many will be put off by the poor facilities on offer at the park.

He says many of the banks surrounding the lake have become overgrown and reeds growing in the water have become so large they are making it too shallow for fishing.

He said: “It’s a great shame, but the main lake is being allowed to degenerate hugely and is getting so overgrown it makes it increasingly inaccessible, so youngsters wanting to try fishing and casual anglers needing a local venue to fish are all being failed.

“More areas need to be trimmed back.

“Some areas have been allowed to become so overgrown with bankside vegetation they are completely unusable.

“On the water itself, the long-term lack of care shows even more.

“Reed beds have now totally overgrown parts of the water so some swims no longer even have any fishable water left in front of them.

“The council’s 20 years of neglect is showing badly.”

Despite the lack of progress on improvements, Mr Burt remains hopeful an agreement can be reached in the future.

He added: “Angling is recognised by the Government as a highly desirable sport to encourage people to take up, yet the condition of the lake for fishing is unfortunately quite poor and going downhill.

“I hope that the council will choose or can be persuaded to take the lake restoration forward.

“It could be a valuable community resource for the area.”

A spokesman for Essex County Council said: “The maintenance of the lake at Great Notley Country Park was due to be part of our work programme this winter, working with our volunteer group.

“However, this work is unable to take place due to the current pandemic and Government restrictions in place.”