PROPOSALS to build a budget supermarket in Braintree have been handed a major boost after road bosses gave their backing to the blueprints.

Essex Highways says it has no objections to Aldi’s bid to build the store on land off Millennium Way.

It has given its approval to the plans after Highways England gave the all-clear in November.

Despite also raising no objections, Essex Highways has asked Aldi to fund improvements to the nearby Galleys and Fowlers roundabouts, which are notoriously busy at rush hour.

Experts say the supermarket should also help with improvements to nearby bus stops and cycle lanes.

The Aldi store will be built to the south of the A120 and will be close to the new slip lanes which will be installed to provide direct access between Millennium Way and the A-road.

Essex Highways has rejected concerns raised by Asda that the car park will not be big enough to serve the new Aldi and could lead to excessive traffic in the area.

Asda has objected to the plans, despite not even having a store of its own in Braintree.

Estimates made by Highways bosses show the 155-space car park could be short on capacity but the predictions are the “worst case scenario”.

They argue space will also be available in the adjacent B&Q car park. B&Q has planning permission to relocate to a new site off Millennium Way but has yet to move the plans forward.

It would probably share a car park with Aldi and provide a further 224 spaces.

In its response to the plans, Essex Highways said: “There are likely to be cross visitational trips between the two sites, so the duration of the visit will be longer but will not result in any additional trips.

“It is likely the proposed number of parking spaces should be sufficient.

“They can also control this to an extent by having time restrictions which would ensure the turnover of spaces is adequate.”

Braintree Council will have the final say on the application.