A FOODBANK has teamed up with a cafe as part of its latest appeal.

The Braintree Area Foodbank, which operates across the district, has put out an appeal for specific donations.

The foodbank asked residents to come forward and donate sweet items such as cereal and chocolate bars and jam – goods the charity says it are urgently in need of.

The foodbank is also appealing for sugar, tinned potatoes and deodorant.

Now some of the foodbank’s prayers have been answered after teaming up with a town centre coffee shop.

Love Toast opened in February and has been a hit with fans.

It is now helping to supply the foodbank with jam after seeing the appeal.

The move came in the same week MPs controversially voted down Marcus Rashford’s bid to give free school meals to children across Essex.

Love Toast owner Rob Ely said: “Since opening we have been looking to affiliate ourselves with a meaningful and community-driven charity to show our love and support for the town we serve.

“We saw an appeal from Braintree foodbank for a number of specific items they were short of, one of which was jam.

“As a coffee shop called Toast, serving up an array of different spreads, including jams, it seemed like the perfect partnership and a great opportunity.

“We immediately contacted Braintree foodbank and offered our support and they were naturally overjoyed at our willingness to support them.

“What’s great about the foodbank is it’s on our doorstep, it supports the families within our community, it literally helps thy neighbour, unlike other charities which businesses affiliate themselves with, which are of course equally commendable but may be on the other side of the country or even halfway around the world.”

A foodbank spokesman added: “During these unique and challenging times we aim to provide our clients with items that will help to give them a balanced diet during their time of crisis. We welcome all donations and have been especially grateful for the large donation of jam.”