A BLUSHING bride beamed her big day into a care home – so her grandmother could watch her go down the aisle.

Dot Bash, 91, couldn’t be at grand-daughter Kathryn’s wedding to fiancé Tom Law in person because she would have had to isolate at the care home afterwards.

But Dot's son Peter and big-hearted staff at Prince Edward Duke of Kent Court, in Stisted, were determined she wouldn’t miss the big day.

They arranged for the wedding to be live streamed from All Saints' Church, in the village, so Dot could watched it in real time with fellow residents on the home’s huge cinema-style screen.

Residents and staff even dressed up in their glad rags for the midday service, as if they were there in person.

There were fresh flower decorations to create a wedding atmosphere at the home, and a tea party after the ceremony.

Braintree and Witham Times:

  • Residents at Prince Edward Duke of Kent Court enjoying the live streamed wedding

The bride’s dad even delivered a case of wine to the home so everyone could drink a toast to the happy couple.

Care home manager Aggie McDonald said: “We couldn’t bear the thought of Dot not being able to see her granddaughter getting married in real time.

"They’re such a close family – for her to miss it would have been heart-breaking.

"We were determined to make it special for her and it was lovely that our other residents were also able to enjoy such an uplifting event.”

After the service, the bride and groom cut a wedding cake outside the home, while Dot and fellow residents watched through the window.

The cake was made by the home’s chef.

Braintree and Witham Times:

  • Tom and Kathryn just married outside All Saints' Church, Stisted

Kathryn said: “I'm absolutely thrilled that my Nana and her fellow residents could join in my wedding.

"It added an extra exciting dimension to the whole day and lasting memories to treasure.

"It’s lovely that the home is doing so much. They’re having a three-course meal and canapes. In fact, they’re probably doing more than we are.”

Braintree and Witham Times:

  • Tom and Kathryn cutting their wedding cake outside the Home
  • Kathryn was able to visit her beloved Nana in the Home’s Covid-secure visitor pod the day before the wedding.

Dot added: “I’m so grateful that the home was able to make this happen, so I could see my grand-daughter getting married.”