Three small sharks had to be rescued after they became trapped in shallow water.

The smooth-hound sharks, dubbed 'baby sharks' after the popular children's song squeezy through a tidal flap in Burnham-on-Couch, leading to a shall dyke just 1ft (30cm) deep.

Fisheries Officers for the Environment Agency, Ben Norrington and Andrew Ward were called to rescue the fish and release them back into the River Crouch.

Ben said: "In terms of frequency, it’s a very unusual occurrence for smooth hounds to be seen in this part of the river.

"I've been working here 17 years and this is something we’ve only been notified of once before – six years ago.

Braintree and Witham Times:

"When you get the call I can actually say them now well I've actually rescued shark six years ago and again just now, so you have got the right man for the job.

"We still don't know how it was possible that they got in there.

"We're there to save them so we are quite happy to do so.