MEMBERS of the campaign group which fought against the Rivenhall Incinerator say their focus will now turn to scrutinising the waste plant.

It comes after the High Court threw out their attempts to challenge the proposals by way of judicial review.

Parishes Against Incinerator members had argued the Environment Agency was wrong to grant a permit for a new incinerator and 35 metre chimney stack at Rivenhall Airfield.

But their claims it would lead to dangerous level of pollutions was dismissed by a judge, who was satisfied the proposals would not be harmful to the environment or residents.

In a joint statement, the Parishes Against Incinerator group said: "We knew from the start that the odds were stacked against us and not least, given the narrow parameters set for judicial review.

"That said, we remain convinced that seeking judicial scrutiny of the Environment Agency's decision was the right thing to do on behalf of the many thousands of people in this area who will be effected by a large incinerator operating in the centre of their community.

"It was our hope, also, that the case might act as a marker for other communities across the UK facing similar developments.

"Obviously we accept the High Court's decision to refuse us permission to proceed with our claim but we remain sickened by the stark reality that the developer has been given the green light to proceed.

"PAIN was bruised by the court's decision but stands ready to fight on. Our focus will shift to scrutiny and monitoring of the developer's adherence to planning and environmental conditions at the site.

"On behalf of PAIN we would like to express gratitude to a number of people; Jamie Beagent and John Crowley of Leigh Day, Yasser Vanderman and Matthew Dale-Harris at Landmark Chambers and David Harvey our air-quality expert at ADM Limited.

"Their work (delivered against tight deadlines and at times in fast-changing circumstances) was exceptional.

"However, none of this would have been possible without the amazing support from the many people who donated so generously and speedily to our fighting fund. Our heartfelt thanks to each of them."