WITH so many historic buildings in the area it is no surprise there are so many ghost stories in the Braintree district.

We’ve had a look through our archives and used Paul Lee’s ghost website to share some of the tales.

Here is a look at some of the most haunted buildings in our area.

Autoparts and the Horse and Groom in Braintree

According to Mr Lee's website, a spectral lady has been seen making her way from the Horse and Groom to Autoparts - she then exited through a side door.

It is also claimed there are strange noises and smells (including freshly baked bread) in the pub, and a man has been spotted in the cellar.

Items are alleged to have been seen moving by themselves in Autoparts while CDs have vanished altogether.

Town Hall in Witham

Children's voices, mysterious footsteps and even ghostly figures have all been seen in the iconic town hall.

Witham's current town clerk James Sheehy has even described it as "strangest building I have ever worked in".

The sound of footsteps has been heard by staff over the years, only for them to find no one else in the building.

Mr Sheehy said: "I have also seen a trouser-leg come out of the thin air in a stride and disappear into a wall last year, and on the day I took over as town clerk, perhaps the most stark of all the things I have seen here was to open the door to the upstairs landing and in a flash, right in my face, I saw a woman in what I can only describe as a Victorian kind of dress and a large hat.

"So in my face was she I actually startled backwards."

Much of the spooky encounters are said to have occurred in the rear section of the building, which dates back to the 1400’s and was formerly the George Inn.

Spring Lodge Centre in Witham

A small child has been seen around the building and staff have found toys and furniture moved when arriving for work in the morning. A dark figure, resembling a monk but with no legs or feet has also been spotted.

Cressing Temple Barns

Up to five ghostly shapes are said to have been seen in the barns, including a Roman centurion with a head wound who appears in the fields next to the site. A Cavalier has been seen in the farmhouse and a man in a floppy hat on the stairs.

The White Hart Hotel in Coggeshall

A figure,which has been mostly seen in the guest's lounge, is said to haunt the hotel and other older areas of the building.

But there are also stories about two spectral children being seen who died in a fire.

Sounds, temperature drops and televisions turning off and objects moving have been reported here too - especially in one of the guest rooms.

Blue Strawberry Bistro in Hatfield Peverel

Last year, restaurant bosses claimed they had spooky footage of things going bump in the night on their CCTV.

The images reportedly showed what appeared to be a white figure sitting at the bar of the restaurant.

Ghostly spectres have been thought to lurk around the popular eaterie for some time.

Owner Stephen Wright said he even heard one say “hey” as he was locking up one evening.

Encounters with ghouls and spirits seem to be a regular occurrence at the restaurant.

Mr Wright, who has worked at the restaurant for 20 years, said waitresses have sometimes felt something pulling on their aprons.

Bottles have also been known to fall off the shelves without being touched.