SCHOOL students will be returning to virtual learning this week after they were forced to self-isolate due to a confirmed case of coronavirus.

Pupils at Powers Hall Academy in Witham are now serving a short quarantine period after a member of staff returned a positive Covid-19 test.

Bosses were informed of the confirmed case 10 minutes before the school day was due to begin on Monday.

The Times understands the member of staff is an agency worker.

Students will not be required to serve the full 14-day self-isolation period because the member of staff was last in the school on Tuesday, September 22.

They will all be allowed to return on Wednesday, October 7, providing they do not display of coronavirus symptoms.

Under Government rules, neither the students nor staff will be required to be tested for Covid-19 before they return.

Powers Hall Academy says its students will continue to be taught online during the quarantine period.

A letter was sent out to parents yesterday to confirm the positive coronavirus test.

It read: "We have been made aware that we have a confirmed positive case of coronavirus at Powers Hall Academy.

"We have followed the national guidance and, following a risk assessment with Public Health England advisers, have identified that your child has been in sufficient close contact with the individual who has had a positive test result for coronavirus.

"In line with the national guidance, we recommend that your child now stays at home and self-isolates until October 6 - 14 days after contact.

"We are asking your child to do this to reduce the further spread of coronavirus to others in the community.

"If your child is well at the end of the 14-day period of self-isolation, then they can return to their usual activities and attend school.

"Other members of your household can continue normal activities, provided your child does not develop symptoms within the 14-day self-isolation period."


Powers Hall Academy says it will be allowing some students to return tomorrow after an investigation found only Year 3s and a Year 5 came into the contact with the staff member who tested positive for coronavirus. 

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