FILMING for a longstanding TV programme will take place in Braintree tomorrow.

The BBC's Antiques Roadshow is heading to the Bocking Antiques Centre, in Bocking End.

The centre has appeared on a number of previous episodes in years gone by and bosses are looking forward to welcoming the crew back again.

Tom Bosher, who runs the centre, said: "This will be the fifth time they have filmed here but it never gets any less exciting.

"We seem to be a popular destination for the show.

"I think its the variety we have on offer here that they like. We have the weird and the wonderful on offer.

"Obviously it's fantastic for us and the area as well because all of our antiques come from local people.

"There's some good quality stuff in there so it should be good fun.

"I'm sure we can give them a bargain."

The centre will close early on Saturday to prepare for filming, which will take place in the afternoon.

The crew and staff will have to adhere to social distancing guidelines and will be required to wear masks inside the centre.

It is understood filming will take place for the traditional Antiques Roadshow programme, and not the celebrity version.

The Bocking Antiques Centre welcomed Penny Lancaster through its doors last year during filming for another Celebrity Antiques Road Trip.

She snapped up a bargain mirror for celebrity husband, Sir Rod Stewart.