A farmer believes arsonists are responsible for four fires at his farm within the space of a week.

Christopher Hill, who owns the farm in Cuthedge Lane, Coggeshall, said there were two incidents last week where straw was set alight by the roadside.

He says a further two hay bales were also set alight on Sunday and Monday.

Mr Hill believes all of the fires were started deliberately.

He said: “Last week, on two separate days, we found a row of straw burning alongside the road. On Sunday and Monday someone lit a straw bale.

“I’ve lost about £120 but it could have been a lot more. If the wind had got up the fire could have spread across the whole field.

“Also, this is the worst harvest in living memory so we need everything we can get.

“Someone has come along and lit the straw. They need dealing with.”

He added: “They’re obviously not right in the head.”

The fire on Monday was attended by Essex Fire Service.

Fire crews were called at around 7.35am and arrived to find a bale of hay on fire.

A spokesman said: “Firefighters quickly extinguished the fire and left the scene at 8:20am.

“The cause of the fire is unknown.”