Kenneth Pallant is absolutely correct in describing the actions of our current Prime Minister as dictatorial (Letters, 23 July). The latest example was the expulsion from the party of the MP Julian Lewis, for the crime of upholding the traditional right of the parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee to select its own chairman.

Sadly, Mr Pallant goes astray in his assessment of the decision to make the wearing of masks compulsory in certain settings. It is not unreasonable to compel people to wear masks, as they protect our fellow citizens. Indeed, countries such as Japan have had much lower rates of infection than the UK precisely because mask wearing is commonplace.

The fundamental issue is that we should have been made to wear masks months ago. If we had, maybe the UK could have avoided having the worst mortality rate in Europe. However, this weak Conservative government was late in announcing a lockdown, late in obtaining PPE, and late in arranging Covid-19 testing. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that it is late in requiring the use of masks.

David Martin

Bridge Street, Witham