A SECONDARY school teacher says she is looking forward to meeting her students face to face for the first time – despite having taught them for the past four months.

Maltings Academy science teacher Rebecca Rose will finally get to meet her pupils face to face to when they return in September.

Most students were unable to get back into the classroom before the summer holidays after being forced to learn from home since March because of the pandemic.

Rebecca took up her new role at the Witham school in April and despite spending a few days on site, she has had to settle into her new surroundings and greet the majority of her new students online.

She said: “At the start, we did lots of pre-recorded lessons, so I would spend Sundays changing into different outfits to film a week’s worth, so it wasn’t obvious I had done them in the same day.

“A fly-on-the-wall documentary would have been hilarious.

“I have had to try to make a good first impression, but make it remotely.

“It has been a steep learning curve for everybody, but we have done so much more than I ever thought would be possible.”

Rebecca continued to teach her students throughout the summer term and helped them prepare for exams which were set up by the school.

She has paid tribute to her “amazing” pupils for remaining motivated throughout the lockdown and completing tasks set for them each day.

She said: “We have done as much as possible to create a sense of community and to give live lessons wherever possible.

“Students in every year group had three science lessons a week – we were even able to hold a virtual science day where teachers set themselves alight and dissected hearts and lungs on their kitchen tables.

“Students have been given experiments to do at home, from making paper aeroplanes to lava lamps and growing potatoes through a maze. We have closely monitored engagement and every week it has improved and improved.”

She added: “I am looking forward to September, to working with colleagues face to face and to being in my new science lab.”