It seems that this country has lost its democratic right and is now under dictatorship by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

He has now turned into nothing more, nothing less, than a dictator in which he has taken the democratic rights from people by forcing them to wear face masks in shops and supermarkets and those who do not comply will be faced with a £100 fine.

How are they going to enforce this and check and ensure customers are complying to the dictatorship of this Government? Are they going to have a police officer or other official Government body standing at the doorway of every shop and supermarket?

They should stop being dictators and allow members of the public and other citizens to use their own discretion as to whether or not they wish to wear a face mask while shopping.

I think the people in this country would have had enough of being dictated to like it was back in 1939 to 1945 by Adolf Hitler if they were taken prisoner of war.

So come on Mr Johnson, stop acting like an overgrown public school child, grow up and stop trying to act like a dictator and leave people to make their own decisions.

Kenneth Pallant

Council Bungalows, Bocking