New Government housing projections show Braintree District Council’s housing need has HALVED from 14,320 homes to only 7,000.

This should put an end to speculative developer applications and “garden villages” for some time.

But I do feel very strongly that Braintree District Council’s leader Graham Butland should resign.

He has wasted more than £1million of Braintree council taxpayers’ money on his West Braintree and West Tey new towns pipe dreams.

Not only were the new towns not needed and costly, Mr Butland has left the district vulnerable to speculative developers because of the lack of a Local Plan.

I count myself as one of the silent majority but keep a close eye on planning matters and regularly watch Braintree District Council’s planning meetings online.

In my view, deputy leader Tom Cunningham should take over from Mr Butland - he seems much more progressive and willing to listen to community concerns.

We need fresh ideas and a new direction.

Teresa Raven

Bridport Way, Braintree