OUTGOING primary pupils have been getting a glimpse of their new secondary school with the help of the internet.

Maltings Academy in Witham has been hosting virtual transition days for what will be their new Year Seven students in September.

With many children still unable to attend the school due to the coronavirus pandemic, bosses have adapted the annual transition day to allow prospective students to see what the academy has to offer.

This includes a virtual tour of school buildings, consultation appointments over the phone and recorded messages from teachers and senior members of staff.

Primary liaison manager Lu Craker said: “At the moment, we do not know what will happen with our previously planned transition days in July. We are giving our new Year Seven students lots of information, so they can feel as prepared for joining us as possible.

“We are gathering knowledge on our new students and will continue to build on that.

“We are reviewing and reflecting regularly and responding to what parents need.

“We are trying to do our best in a very unnatural situation.”