AN INDEPENDENT school has welcomed back some of its senior pupils for the first time since the lockdown began.

Year 12 and 10 pupils at Felsted School returned to the classroom last week after the Government gave them the all clear to return.

Bosses say a host of new safety measures have been put in place to ensure students comply with social distancing rules.

Year 12 pupils will be attending for two days a week, while Year 10s will be in school for the other three days.

Headmaster Chris Townsend said: “All those returning were sent communications on the changes they would see when returning and the measures they would be following to protect their health and safety.

“Drop off times are staggered, so children are not all arriving together, temperature checks are being performed at the beginning of the day, alongside regular hand washing at our newly-developed washing stations, and classrooms have been rearranged to accommodate distanced desks.

“There has been much to plan to ensure the safety of both our pupils and staff.

“However, it is a delight to see some of them back, and to see the enjoyment of them seeing their friends and teachers after such a long time is just fantastic.”

Reception, Year 1 and 6 pupils were the first year groups to return to Felsted in June, with numbers said be growing each day.