A TEACHER has continued to teach his students during the lockdown - while renovating his home at the same time.

Alan Burges has been streaming the work taking place at his bungalow in Braintree online to students studying construction at college.

Mr Burges has been carrying out structural, flooring, roofing and plumbing work by himself and getting pupils to interact with him online.

Students have been encouraged to answer questions and offering solution during the live sessions.

Mr Burges, who is the senior curriculum manager for construction at Havering Colleges' Rainham campus, said: “I was going to refurbish our home anyway, but I have brought it all forward so that I could give the students the chance to see work in progress while they can’t get into college.

"It seemed too good an opportunity to miss."

Mr Burges says the renovation has seen him remove walls and ceilings, as well as carrying out electrical and plumbing work.

He added: “The students have been able to learn about real-life unexpected problems and we are able to talk through as a class how these issues can be solved.

"I have had excellent attendance from the students and they are really engaging with the sessions.

"We have to think of the positives in situations like this and thankfully I have a very understanding partner who was happy for me to knock down walls in our home during the lockdown.”

Mr Burges' lessons have seen him earn praise among fellow teachers, as well as the Mayor of London’s Construction Academy which has praised his "innovative" approach to delivering practical lessons virtually.