It is concerning to hear of irregular incidents concerning property development.

Firstly prospective developers saw fit to throw netting over the hedgerows of the proposed building site opposite the Jack & Jenny. This would prevent the nesting birds from feeding their young. So far we have not heard as to why they thought this was necessary.

Next the crack willow trees have been cut down to the front of the former Bramston sports centre. These were planted on the advice of the architects, Scott Brownrigg:

a.) To break up the dense appearance of the building;

b.) To hide the concrete road bridge;

c.)To attract certain birds to nest;

and d.) To provide a play area for the otters

Credit must be given to the Green Party for bringing these incidents to our attention.

Perhaps in future it would be all our benefit if, when dealing with sensitive sites that district council could employ a chartered firm of architects and town planners to advise it as to how it could issue a detailed planning brief.

The council exists for the benefit of all residents,which it does well. In matters of business and property development it needs help.

Paul M Ryland

Member Witham town council