A SCHOOL has been setting students and their families daily challenges during the coronavirus lockdown.

Bosses at New Rickstones Academy in Witham have been issuing the tasks in an effort to keep up morale and improve mental health.

Pupils have been receiving a suggestion every day of activities they could complete with their relatives or on their own.

The school set the tasks through a Google programme and is using the platform to keep in touch with its students during the Coronavirus shutdown.

Jeanette Rushmer, subject lead for health and social care, said: “The ideas we have shared are for the whole family. The idea is to bring families together, giving both children and adults things to do. It is ensuring there is always something fun to do and encouraging them to engage with others in the house.

“Every day, we have been sharing funny videos, facts, quizzes, activities to do together, interactive activities to do away from the computer; anything that focuses on something other than school or the Coronavirus.

“People have nothing to talk about; children do not want to talk about their parents’ work and nobody wants to talk about the news. This will help with conversation about something other than coronavirus.

“We have suggested activities which focus on health and wellbeing, such as mindfulness and colouring. It is just all about keeping their minds busy and keeping in touch.”

Students have been encouraged to keep in contact with their classmates and teachers, even during the weekends and holidays.

Online support groups have been also been set up for each year group with free resources available to pupils.

Mrs Rushmer added: “We want to stay interactive with our students. Google Classrooms enables students to post messages to each other and to us safely online. Even for those who do not want to contribute, it is a nice forum to keep you in touch."