A SCHOOL says new teachers will still begin work at the end of what would have been the Easter holidays - even if the Covid-19 lockdown remains in place.

Maltings Academy in Witham is set to welcome six new members of staff on Monday, April 20, which is when the summer term was set to begin.

Like all schools across the UK, the academy remains close to most children apart from those whose parents have been deemed key workers by the Government.

But bosses say new staff set to join after the holidays have completed the necessary training and will begin work as planned.

New teachers will be asked to prepare work for students online and interact with them - despite having not met them in person.

Among the new joiners is science teacher Rebecca Rose who will be teaching her class via a programme on Google.

She said: "There was quite a lot of anxiety and certainly a lot of unknowns when I realised I would be changing schools during the shutdown.

“The easy option would have been to put everything on hold and do the staff induction when schools reopen. But, Maltings did not take the easy option; they found a way to make it happen using Google Hangouts.

“There were about ten of us live online; we could see each other and watch all the same presentations we would have done if we were together in school for the induction, with the ability to ask questions along the way. It was properly organised with a timetable and structure. I really felt welcome and involved."

The schools assistant vice principal Luke Kilvert says he and his team have done all they can to ensure new teachers feel welcomed and included, despite having to operate in a vitrual world.

He added: "“It is difficult enough joining a new school partway through an academic year as everything is under way. Joining in among this unique set of circumstances, when they will be working with children they have never met and having meetings with colleagues they do not know, makes it even more daunting. Google has meant our new staff can meet their colleagues virtually and to feel part of the team.

“Lots is still going on with regards the day to day operation of the academy because of the virtual systems we already had in place. So, when it came to the new staff induction, we knew it had to go ahead as it is so important to have an induction when you are starting at a new place of work. It is nerve-racking for new starters going into a different environment, so the induction was more important than ever.

“Their first day will be very different to normal, too. Normally, I would like them to see lessons happening, to get on the gate to meet students and just get a feel for the academy. Now, it will be about leaders ensuring our new starters have the tools they need, before they are handed their timetables and Google Classrooms. They will introduce themselves to students virtually and share a profile about themselves before getting to grips with their schemes of work.”