CARE home residents got creative to offer their thanks to key workers keeping the country running during the coronavirus lockdown.

Home Prince Edward Duke of Kent Court, in Stisted, is now displaying a large rainbow poster on its premises to show its support for those who continue to work amid the pandemic.

Staff invited residents to take part in making the poster in an effort to keep them distracted and busy during the lockdown.

Like many around the country, the care home has been forced to stop all but essential visitors from entering the premises.

Many residents helped create the rainbow poster, including 88-year-old Vera Smith who was able to help by using her feet.

Activities coordinator, Dani Lane, said: “We did it to make all of our amazing staff and the key workers who come to our home and support our residents feel appreciated.

"It was a great fun for everyone, though the residents thought I was absolutely crazy when I was explaining to them what we were going to do.

"Our residents are coping very well under the circumstances and we’re doing everything we can to keep up morale and to support our residents’ wellbeing.

"Some of them don’t understand the situation, but some do, and they just say to us don’t worry as we have been through worse than this."