A NURSE behind a viral video urging people to stay at home admits she and her colleagues are bracing themselves for the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jackie McVetis was part of the team on the Baddow Ward at Broomfield Hospital who put together the three-minute clip encouraging the public to follow Government advice to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The nurses and their families appeared in the footage which has since been shared 2,000 times across Facebook and even been used on TV.

Jackie, who lives on Coggeshall Road in Braintree, admits she and her colleagues have been surprised by the response to the video, but hopes the message to remain at home will continue to be listened to.

She said: “During this difficult time, we just wanted to urge people to take it seriously and stay at home while we and all other NHS staff take care of our patients.

“The video took about three days of collecting pictures.

“The ones who wanted to take part took selfies and got our families to pose with our message we wanted to share.

“We have been overwhelmed with the response – the ‘shares’ have been incredible and we can’t believe it made the news.

“It was even shared on Instagram by Eastenders star James Bye.”

With the number of deaths and confirmed cases of coronavirus continuing to rise each day, experts predict the pandemic will likely peak in the next week or two.

A number of temporary medical facilities have been set up to prevent hospitals being overwhelmed by the number of patients needing treatment for Covid-19.

The Mid Essex Hospital’s Trust says 16 of its patients have so far died since contracting coronavirus.

Jackie says the hospital has not yet become overwhelmed by Covid-19 patients but insists staff are prepared for a potential spike in cases.

She said: “We are a care of the elderly ward and inevitably we are seeing more and more patients coming through A&E presenting symptoms of the virus, but this is what we’re expecting

“We have an amazing team here and we have all really pulled together and spirits have been kept surprisingly high.

“We know this won’t be easy and we are making sure that whatever does lay ahead, we are ready to support and care for our patients in the best possible way.

“We have been gifted so much lovely food which really helps to keep staff morale up and our families are so supportive.”