A GOOD samaritan helped reunite an elderly couple with a lost wallet.

Aaron Reynolds found the wallet in Braintree town centre on Saturday and handed it in to police.

Officers were then able to trace the wallet back to the owners before PCSO John Thorne stopped by at their house to hand it to them.

The elderly couple's daughter, Tracey Reeve, said: “There really are nice people out there, especially in difficult times.

“My parents were upset when they discovered they had lost the wallet which contained a large amount of money for rent.

“It all went wrong on Saturday morning. We looked high and low and retraced steps without success.

"Then we had some really good news, all thanks to a Good Samaritan called Aaron.

“We’ve since found out his address and mum wants to give him a gift to say thank you.”

Aaron, who is from Braintree, said: “I found the wallet by a shop in town and walked it into the station.

"It’s my natural response – I’d always do that.

“It makes me feel great that they are happy, safe and able to pay their rent.

"I wish them all the best and I’d anyone else to do the same.”

PSCO Thorne said: “Aaron did the right thing and they were extremely happy. It really made their day.”