TRAFFIC across Essex has reduced by around 60 per cent since lockdown measures came into force in the UK.

Essex County Council says the day after Prime Minister Boris Johnson's announcement of the lockdown, the numbers of cars on the roads had reduced by 53 per cent compared with the same time last year.

This drop continued to rise through last week, reaching 60 per cent by Thursday - the last day for which data is available.

County Hall says data from Italy and Spain is beginning to show if these measures are strictly adhered to they can have an impact on preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Deputy leader Kevin Bentley urged to public to keep sticking to the rules and only leaving the house when absolutely necessary.

He said: "While it’s great to see such a reduction in travel, it’s critical this continues to decrease, and residents stay at home.

"Let’s not forget in Italy and Spain the restrictions were much more stringent, with permits required to leave home and a ban on exercise outside the home.”