What difference a year makes.

Exactly 12 months ago, Braintree was preparing for an influx of music fanatics all desperate to say goodbye to one of the town's most famous sons.

Keith Flint's funeral saw thousands of fans travel to our town to pay their respects to the Prodigy frontman, who had died just four weeks before.

People from all across the world lined the streets of Braintree and Bocking during a procession, before hundreds of fans listened to the funeral service held at St Mary's Church in Bocking on loud speakers.

Make no mistake, this was a day tinged with great sadness due to the loss of a music icon.

But there was a sense of joy at what 'Keef' had achieved and his life was celebrated in a way which was very poignant.

These shots from a momentous day where people sang and danced together are a far cry from what you can expect to see on Sunday - which is a year to the day since Keith's funeral.

The Covid-19 pandemic sweeping across the world will likely leave much of our roads and streets extremely quiet.

There will be an altogether different feel and atmosphere not only in Braintree, but across the UK as people continue to adapt to a very different way of life.

What lies ahead in the coming weeks remains very uncertain, but what is certain is it could be some time before we see large crowds gather like the ones we saw on that sun-soaked day last year.