AN ESTATE agent has made good his pledge to find a new home for the surgeon who operated on him.

Jordan Burnham, manager of the Witham branch of Beresfords estate agents, had made the promise to Dr Wadwha to help him find his dream home just moments after coming round from surgery on his kidneys last year.

With Mr Burnham in a dazed state from the anaesthetic, Dr Wadhwa had not expected the estate agent to have any recollection of his pledge.

But the two crossed paths again several months later when the doctor and his wife began searching for a new home.

It wasn’t until after they had met a number of times to look at properties that Dr Wadhwa realised Mr Burnham had been one of his patients.

After recounting their meeting, Mr Burnham made it his mission to find a new home and he delivered, helping to secure the doctor a new home

The estate agent said: “I was so pleased to have found Mr and Mrs Wadhwa their dream house and it’s great to hear they’re settling in so well.

“We both have young children and I know the area well, so I’ve been recommending some good things for them to do as a family!”