IT is of no wonder there is such a shortage of stock and essential food items in the majority of small stores and supermarkets simply for three main reasons.

These are: the national newspapers publishing the outbreak of what I consider over-exaggerated flu symptoms, and TV news programmes and the Government making it out to be worse than it really is.

I also am of the opinion that most people are panicking and by doing so are just stripping the shop shelves without of the supermarkets and not considering other people’s needs, which in turn will causing unnecessary stress and strain, especially for the elderly and those with families to feed.

If this trend continues those people who are stripping the shelves will find there is nothing left.

As it is now, the supermarkets will take weeks if not months to restock so it would then be advisable for all concerned to stop stripping the shelves, stop panicking and think of those who are need.

Finally, the Government should stop exaggerating the subject.

Kenneth Pallant

Church Lane, Bocking