Two officers have been praised for collecting an elderly woman's medication.

Margaret, who is in her 80s has thanked officers after they came to help her.

She had been walking with a friend in Weavers Park, Braintree when they were approached by PC Mel McPherson and PCSO Sally Milton who went over to say hello.

During their conversation, Margaret mentioned she has been having trouble getting medication, PC McPherson and PCSO Milton volunteered to go to the chemist are pick it up for her.

Margaret said: "The two officers came along and we had a chat and I told them I was having a problem getting my medication.

"I had run out of it and I was getting a bit worried.

"The officers said they could get it for me and I thought that is so kind, I was so grateful.

"It only took them about five minutes, I was so relieved.

"I thanked them very much, I couldn't believe how kind they were. At the time it was the most important thing in my life and I was so grateful for that and they was they spoke to us.

"They were so jolly and we had a laugh."

PCSO Milton said they just had to do it: "My instant thought was to help.

"I joined the police because I wanted to help people so when Margaret said she was having trouble getting her medication we knew we had to get it for her.

"Margaret and her friend were over the moon when we came back with it and thanked us.

"We're here to keep people safe and help our communities and that's never been more important than now."