Patients have raised concerns that a health care centre has gone down hill since being merged with another.

Kelvedon and Feering Health Centre took on hundreds of new patients last year when it merged with Brimpton House Surgery, also in Kelvedon.

Now patients aren't happy about how the centre is now being run.

Patients have complained of misdiagnosis, waiting times, lack of appointments and disabled access since the disabled toilet has been out of order for several years.

In December, The Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group had to apologise after hundreds of patients had to have their flu jabs re-done due to a "procedural error".

Patient, Paige Hume, said: "My daughter who is two years old is under the oncology ward at Broomfield hospital and they sent over important documents and letters for her GP and they have never been received or found.

"They should have proper care of our private and confidential paper work, it's worrying if they say they have lost it.

"I went into the GP for a cough I had for over two weeks and was told it was a virus, two weeks later it was no better and I was really unwell,

"I made a new appointment to find I needed to go to hospital and find out I had pneumonia.

"They have merged two doctors into one and it has gone down hill.

"Waiting times are at least over an hour late, that's if the doctors turn up, which in my case two this this has happened to me.

Many Kelvedon residents have no choice but to use the health centre as it is the only one in the area.

Another resident who wishes to remain anonymous said: "It's the only option for residents in Kelvedon so we are stuck there.

"You cannot get through on the phone, you have to physically go down there and appointments are like gold dust.

"Prescriptions are taking weeks or not being done and the disabled toilet is out of action and has been for year."

Cllr Jenny Sandum said: "The situation with the Kelvedon and Feering Health Centre has been very difficult since the merger last year, and we have held a number of meetings with the surgery and the CCG, along with Parish and County Councillors, about the concerns that are being raised.

"Going forward, we have discussed working with the surgery to help chair the Patient Participation Group meetings and discussed different ways of bringing forward and communicating staff, patient and management ideas for improvements.

"It's so important that people see progress being made and are able to feel more confident and positive about their surgery, and this needs to be closely monitored."

A spokesperson for CCG said: "We are aware that residents have a number of concerns relating to the Kelvedon and Feering Health Centre.

"The practice team are addressing those concerns as part of developing and delivering a robust plan to improve services for local people.

"The plan covers a new telephone system to improve access, as well as staffing levels and other services enhancements, and patient safety remains the first priority.

"The practice is working hard to make sure these improvements happen as soon as possible and is keeping its patients updated through a regular newsletter and website updates, showing what the team have done to address issues that people have raised."