A BEAUTY salon is leading the way and hoping others will follow in ditching glossy gossip magazines

Cabello Hair and Beauty, in Witham, says it wants to stop “tearing people down” and promote positivity instead.

The popular salon will now only stock magazines covering health and wellbeing.

The move follows the death of TV presenter Caroline Flack, who took her own life last month.

Since the Love Island star’s death was announced, hundreds of salons across the country have taken a stand by banning celebrity gossip magazines.

The post on Cabello’s Facebook page said: “In light of what has happened, we will no longer be investing into gossip magazines which tear people down.

“We will have magazines, but ones that impact us in a positive way and help you with wellness, health and empower us all.

“We hope you agree and we can continue to positively impact the community and the world.”

Witham town councillor Chelsey Jay shared the post on her own Facebook page.

She said: “It is a massively important statement that salons, predominantly a female-oriented place, ditch magazines that promote women to hate themselves and hate each other.

“They breed a nasty culture of judgment and criticism, mostly surrounding the target demographic women, and it is hugely dangerous.

"It's something I will actively encourage in my role as town councillor."

The salon have also introduces a 'kindness jar' for customers to drop notes which are read out in team meetings.