A RAFFLE winner has been presented with a specially commissioned portrait of his granddaughter and her cat after a charity competition.

The raffle was held in aid of Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Artist Mike Wills offered the lucky winner a personal commission if they scooped first place in the £1-a-ticket sweep, organised by the Oddfellows society.

Winner Mike Hall, from Braintree, chose grand-daughter Sienna and much-loved cat Kiera to be the subject of the portrait.

The second prize was a chance to win the services of Michael Trenchard, one of the UK’s leading genealogists.

Oddfellows chairman John Jemison said: “The scheme has been very successful.

“We’re delighted that our raffle has such a personal feel to it, with two talented individuals giving up their time to help raise money for a cause that sadly affects so many people and their families, including my own.

Oddfellows hope to raise £2,500 for Alzheimer’s Research UK.”