A POPULAR hair salon is scrapping the traditional his and hers charges for men and women, and introducing a more ‘inclusive’ approach.

Cabello Hair and Beauty, in Witham, has introduced gender-neutral pricing to all of its customers.

The new service introduces pricing based on how hair is taken off your head and the time it takes, instead of the traditional men’s and ladies’ services.

Salon owner Kathryn Berale said the salon “welcomes people from all walks of life”.

She said: “So far it seems to be pretty well received.

“We believe that the price you pay should be fair.

“We are scrapping the old men’s and ladies’ traditional pricing and pricing it by the time our clients spend here.

“We give the best attention to everybody here and think it’s very unfair to somebody who comes in and is a woman who has short hair, or a man who has long hair and then when they go to the till they are changed more or less just because of their gender.”

Services are listed as cut and finish for 60 minutes, cut and finish short hair for 45 mines and extreme short for 30 minutes.

Kathryn said: “We welcome people from all walks of life to the salon and it’s very difficult to price that up.

“We are educating our customers that they can book their service and we can price that up according to the time they spend with us.

“I’m very happy with how it’s going so far.

The salon also prides itself on being eco-friendly with hair stations, nail bars, tables and shelves being upcycled from old railway sleepers.

“We are also looking into continuing to provide a sustainable service – we are bringing the outside in this year and making the salon more botanical,” said Kathryn.

“We want to keep using all our vegan products and provide a sustainable service.”