A new exhibition showcasing a well known textiles business has premiered at Braintree Museum.

The Courtaulds exhibition opened at Braintree Museum on Friday and will run every Tuesday to Saturday until May 30.

Courtaulds used to be a large textile business which operated in Halstead and some surrounding towns and villages.

The company provided many jobs for residents over the years and the museum’s exhibition aims to shine a light on the company’s rich past.

Covering the business’s journey from all the way back in 1816 up until 1982, the exhibition will cover the Courtauld family, their origins, innovations and philanthropy.

Information for the exhibition has also been provided by local members of the Courtauld family and a number of former Courtauld employees, such as 100-year-old Muriel Constable, who worked in the Halstead factory for 44 years.

Sheila Charrington, chairman of Braintree District Museum Trust, said: “I am delighted with the generosity of support from so many different organisations such as the Courtauld, London, the Courtauld family themselves, Halstead Museum, and many more, without whom the exhibition would not have been possible.

“There are so many fascinating stories behind the famous Courtauld name that will come to life in the exhibition and have triggered long-term relationships with these partner organisations.”

Over the coming months, a number of Courtauld-themed walks in Halstead and Gosfield are also planned although no exact dates have been announced yet.

The exhibition is open from 10am to 4pm.

Admission is £4 (£3 children). Children under the age of five are allowed in for free.

For more information, call 01376 325266.