A NIGHT of “unforgettable” music is set to take place to help raise cash for a young girl who suffered serious brain damage after a seizure.

Great Dunmow Round Table is hosting an Eighties concert in aid of Mila Smith, aged two, who has been diagnosed with tuberose sclerosis type two.

The disorder sees benign tumours grow around the body and though it can cause few issues for some, Mila is not so lucky.

She suffers frequent seizures and had one so bad last autumn that she was put into an induced coma which has since caused brain damage, leaving her immobile.

She has now also been diagnosed with dystonia – a movement disorder which causes her muscles to contract uncontrollably

Despite scans showing numerous tumours growing on her brain, doctors say they are unable to operate and the only treatment now available is physio and sensory stimulation.

Mila has been in Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge since December and will then spend three months in a rehab centre in Surrey before she will be allowed home.

Parents Laura and Spencer have launched an online crowdfunding page in a bid to cover some of the costs of the rehab.

They have already raised more than £8,000 of their £50,000 target.

To help with the campaign, Great Dunmow Round Table will host a charity concert at Foakes Hallto raise as much money as possible.

Spokesman Robert Keightly said: “We are looking to help contribute to the family’s effort to raise £50,000 through various fundraising activities, our concert being the main one.

“This is to help fund a room conversion suitable for Mila’s sensory needs.

“There are various other things that Mila will need upon her return home, such as a car seat that will be adapted for her needs, a hydrotherapy pool, which will help with her muscle strength, co-ordination and balance, and Mila’s home surroundings will need to be adapted to accommodate a wheelchair.

“Lastly, Laura and Spencer would like to get Mila an epilepsy therapy dog. They would also like to make a donation to Addenbrooke’s Hospital and Tadworth once Mila’s care is complete.”

The concert takes place on Saturday, February 22, at 7.30pm.

Entry costs £12.50 and all proceeds will go to Mila’s cause.

For more information, visit greatdunmowroundtable.co.uk.