A PARISH council is calling for repairs to be made to a countryside walk which has been targeted by vandals.

A set of gates and signs along the Flitch Way were damaged last week, near to the village of Rayne.

It is understood a gang of youths were seen in the area with golf clubs but it is not known if they were responsible for the damage caused.

The vandalism comes less than six months after joyriders smashed into gates along the Flitch Way near to Warners Close and caused considerable damage.

With repairs yet to be carried out by Essex County Council, Rayne Parish Council admits it is getting frustrated by the lack of action and wants to see action following the latest bout of vandalism.

Clerk Sarah Cocks said: "It seems to be a fresh issue. There haven't been many problems since last summer.

"We assumed the gates and signs along Flitch Way were insured so it would be quite easy to have them fixed.

"But nothing has been repaired yet so we have gone back to Highways to ask them to sort it.

"Naturally residents are getting fed up with the damage because it does look ugly.

"The walk is popular with a lot of people but the ruined gates are taking away from its attractiveness.

"Now the signs are damaged as well it does need to be looked at and made to look how it was."

The parish council is calling on anyone with information about the vandalism to come forward. It says there have been no other reported incidents since the damage was caused on Monday, January 27.

Ms Cocks added: "You can't stop this kind of thing from happening because its a public park. Anyone can walk down there.

"You just want people to show respect and leave it looking nice for other people to enjoy."

A spokesman for Essex Highways was unable to confirm when repairs would be carried out along Flitch Way.

He added: "This is mindless vandalism and we would urge anyone with any information to contact Rayne Parish Council or the police.

"We will repair damage, including previous damage as soon as possible."