MORE than £1,000 has been raised for a family who were left homeless following a kitchen fire.

A gofundme page was set up for the victims of last week's blaze in Jeffery's Road, Cressing, which was caused by an electrical fault with a kitchen appliance.

The owners of the first floor flat were left homeless due to the amount of smoke damage. There pet dog also died as a result of the fire.

Having been set up a day after the blaze, the gofundme page has already seen its £500 target smashed with dozens of people coming forward with donations.

A total of £1,834 has been raised so far.

The gofundme page says: “We are asking for help for our friend that has lost her home, all of its contents and one of her beloved dogs today, due to a fire caused by an electrical fault.

“She and her two young children left their home this morning for work and school to return to nothing that is salvageable.

“They have lost everything. They currently have no home, no clothes, no home comforts or toys to at least provide some sort of normality through this hard time.

“We would like to raise some money to provide one less worry for her during this traumatic and tragic time.

“She works extremely hard, is a wonderful parent and friend that would help anyone in anyway she could.

“We would like to help her and her children rebuild their lives and we are asking for your help to do so. “

A second gofundme page has also been set up for the victims, with £882 raised so far.