A fake owl has been installed on the roof of an office to deter a pesky bird who is thought to have vandalised more than a dozen cars.

Around 20 members of staff at Greenfields Community Housing’s HQ in Charter Way, Braintree, have had rubber wiper blades ripped away from their vehicles by the troublesome crow.

It is estimated the blades cost £36 each to repair.

The crow, who has been named George by staff, first began his assault on windscreen wipers in November last year and is also thought to have attacked cars parked at nearby Braintree Village.

His anti-social behaviour has seen staff cover their windscreen wipers with blankets in an effort to hide them from eagle-eyed George.

But with the problem showing no sign of relenting, Greenfields has had to instal two owl figures on the top of its office roof and fitted a hawk-shaped kite, named Chesney Hawk, in the middle of its car park to deter George.

The housing group has issued a desperate appeal to the public to come up with a long-term solution which will stop staff cars from being attacked.

Procurement manager Mandy Rose, one of George's victims said: "At the moment, we’re just 'winging it' with all these attempts at solutions, and I’m hoping for some suggestions of something more substantial that we could do.”

"We welcome any ideas to deter George from committing anti-social behaviour whilst remaining comfortable in his home."

Anyone who can help is asked to call Greenfields on 01376 535400 or email csc@greenfieldsch.org.uk.