AN extravaganza of rock music will be landing in Witham later this month.

Singer, songwriter and musical all-rounder Mike Von Beardingham will be bringing his Rekovered band with him to the Public Hall to celebrate a poignant anniversary.

Von Beardingham is celebrating 20 years in cover bands and has also invited some blasts from his past to join Rekovered on stage.

Rekovered are a four-piece Essex-based rock/metal outfit who have been treading the pub boards since the Nineties.

Despite their penchant for heavy riffing, their versatility means they are more than capable of bringing the revs down a notch and reproducing classic pop songs.

Audience enjoyment is the band’s main objective when they take to the stage and they “guarantee” a show which will convert you into a lifelong fan.

Speaking ahead of the upcoming gig at the Collingwood Road venue, guitarist Matthew Speed said: “We will have a mix of songs throughout the night which are from the band’s catalogue over the many years.

“We’ve also got cover songs from the Sixties all the way up to modern times and are hoping to finish with a Queen set. We haven’t decided which songs we will be doing yet but I reckon it’ll be the bangers that everyone loves.

“It should be a fun night.”

The Queen set is a relatively new addition to Rekovered’s repertoire but has proved a big hit among fans and audiences across the county.

Von Beardingham himself has the unenviable task of filling Freddie Mercury’s shoes – a matter made all the more difficult by his own admission that he is the “baldest and skinniest looking Freddie about”.

Tickets for this rip-roaring night of fun are just £5 on 0345 017 8717 or from the visitor information centre at Witham Town Hall.

The gig takes place on Friday, January 31,at 7pm.

To book your seat, contact 0345 017 8718 or head to the visitor information centre at Witham Town Hall.