The huge new netting to be erected on Saul’s Bridge Sports Ground is in truth a Trojan horse.

The approval of four poles, each 50ft high, removes the last obstacle to the road that will cut across a corner, removing some 467sq m from the sports field.

The road will lead on to the Gimson’s site where some 78-plus homes will soon be built overlooking the sports field and the park. You report that Braintree town is to receive a £30 million facelift and quote Braintree Council’s John McKee as saying that as only 12 people objected it is a sign that it has the support of residents (Times, January 2).

Well, some 450 Witham residents turned out to object to the Gimson’s development and more than 650 wrote to complain, yet Braintree did not chose to see this as a sign of disapproval.

Mr McKee states that a new health centre is a sign that council bosses are listening.

They obviously have selective hearing.

When the application for the cricket nets was made, the planning manager submitted his report recommending approval when there were still ten days left for the public to comment.

In the spirit of consultation, how can that be open and transparent and in good faith?

This is dictatorship and it is about time that Braintree planners were put in their place.

D Chignall

Tudor Close, Witham