Pedestrianisation will stop cyclists

The pedestrianisation of Braintree town centre is a most excellent idea, if well planed and implemented.

There needs to be a clear and defined zone border with signage and parking options along with access for mobility scooters and disabled parking, but most critically the scourge of feral cyclists that continue to break the law by cycling on pavements needs to be addressed.

Although over pressed, Essex Police officers have conducted periodic crackdowns particularly along Rayne Road. They are clearly not able include this in their daily workload, it would be wise to enable the enforcement of on-the-spot fines to be issued by the contractors who currently monitor car parking across the district.

On another matter, regarding the town hall clock in Market Place (opposite Tesco), not only has the south facing clock face been stuck (3.30 I think) for the past few months, today one of the bells has ceased chiming correctly, there’s a “dong” missing at each quarter hour peal.

Add this to the missing Golden Owl - which you reported on a few years ago - one might suggest the town is falling apart from lack of maintenance.

One wonders if they planned for such eventualities?

Braintree’s motto is “By wisdom and foresight”.

Don Trower