VOTERS will head to the polls tomorrow to decide the make up of the next Government.

After weeks of campaigning, election candidates will be hoping they have done enough to secure your votes and become the next MPs for Braintree and Witham.

So ahead of tomorrow's all important election, here is everything you need to know before you fill out your ballot.

Who are the candidates standing in Braintree and what are they promising?

Braintree and Witham Times:

James Cleverly (Conservative)

"I campaigned and voted to leave the EU. I want to get Brexit done and honour the promise everyone made during the referendum, to abide by the result.

"My mother was a midwife in the NHS and my father owned a small business, so I understand the need for a strong economy to fund public services.

"This is why I champion local businesses and voted for increased funding for schools, NHS and the police.

"I support Boris’s commitment to 20,000 extra police across the UK, including hundreds of extra officers for Essex.

"I meet regularly with local GP surgeries and have pushed for extra resources to address the problems that some have had. I will ensure that the extra £33.9 billion NHS funding gets to the front line. The increased per pupil funding in the Conservative manifesto will make a real difference to our schools.

"Infrastructure is essential. I lobbied transport ministers to get investment for the A120, and I will keep pushing Greater Anglia for new trains on the Braintree line.

"We now enjoy better mobile phone coverage in the constituency and the Conservative Government has announced money to speed up the provisions of super-fast broadband.

"If re-elected I will continue to be your voice in Westminster, and work in the best interest of my constituents and country."

Braintree and Witham Times:

Joshua Garfield (Labour)

"I am standing in this election because I believe that Braintree, Halstead and surrounding villages deserve decent, honest, and outspoken representation in Parliament.

"Across the constituency, 28 of our schools have lost an average of £143 per pupil funding, and our hospital trust, Mid Essex, is falling well behind on its targets for patients seen at A&E, and referrals for cancer treatment.

"Since the Tories have been in government, we have seen our public services squeezed to the bone. People are suffering.

"Our schools should be properly resourced to give our children the best possible education and start in life.

"We should be able to rely on hospitals for care and not face an NHS starved of staff and funding.

"I went to school in Essex. I am a local councillor in east London, where I work every day to help families who have been hit hardest by austerity.

"Our policies to hire the NHS staff we need, fund schools properly, build social homes and properly tackle the climate crisis are Britain’s best hope on December 12.

"As your MP, I pledge to be an honest and outspoken champion for you in Westminster, and campaign on the most pressing issues facing our society, and our country.”

Braintree and Witham Times:

Dominic Graham (Lib Dem)

"I have the honour and privilege of being the Liberal Democrat candidate for Braintree in the General Election on December 12.

"I live in Colchester and I’ve worked in Braintree town centre for more than five years. My wife is an Essex girl and my children were born and raised in Essex.

"They regularly tell me I am an adopted Essex-boy.

"Outside of Brexit, my main priority is the urgent need to tackle the climate crisis.

"More locally, I am also very keen to see improved transport links in and around Braintree, with upgrades to the notorious A120 a key part of my vision.

"The incumbent MP, Mr Cleverly, has been talking about the A120 since he entered Parliament, and yet no progress has been made.

"We have a Conservative Government. Every MP in Essex is Conservative.

"James Cleverly and his neighbour Priti Patel attend cabinet. In recent years, Conservative Government ministers have represented our neighbours in Maldon, Colchester and Saffron Walden. And yet no progress has been made.

"We have a Conservative Government, a Conservative county council and a Conservative district council. And yet no progress has been made.

"After years of inaction, the people of Braintree must ask themselves: why should I trust any promises from the Conservatives?

"At this moment in time, there is a climate crisis, a justice crisis, an education crisis, an NHS crisis and a social care crisis. We can’t keep doing the same things then wondering how we got here.

"We need big changes in this country and those changes can start with a Liberal Democrat MP in Braintree."

Braintree and Witham Times:

Jo Beavis (Independent)

"In May, following the district council local elections, I created the Residents for Braintree District Group (R4BDg). The Group signed a coalition working agreement with the Green Party to

form the Green and Independent coalition group. The group is now the main opposition on Braintree Council.

"I am delighted the group selected me as its Green and Independent Parliamentary Candidate for Braintree in the General Election on Thursday.

"What matters most to me?

"To protect and improve the living environment for the People and Communities of the Braintree Constituency with a priority towards the existing communities. I oppose the Garden Communities. The future development of the Braintree Constituency must be Community Led.

"I would support organic and sustainable growth, well designed and where people want to live. We must resolve the issue of congestion and improve public, community services in our existing communities BEFORE the ‘so called’ Garden Communities are built. I will be a hard working, experienced and credible MP for the people and communities of the Braintree constituency.

Braintree and Witham Times:

*The Green Party has chosen not to field a candidate for Braintree and is instead endorsing Independent Jo Beavis*

David Mansell (Independent)

"It would be a great honour to serve the people of Braintree as an independent member of Parliament.

"My main focus is getting the Brexit fiasco over with by just leaving with no deal, leaving all the EU institutions and not paying £39 billion.

"The Brexit Party has been stood down in Braintree, limiting the voters’ choice to Remain or ‘Brexit In Name Only’, so I am standing to give people the opportunity to vote for a full no deal Brexit, and become a free independent nation again. Sixty-one per cent here voted to leave.

"I am also campaigning on local issues and would like to make Braintree a happy and prosperous place. Looking after the environment is a priority, as well as keeping our libraries and police stations open, lowering business rates to help small businesses and pubs, improving the dreadful traffic congestion in Braintree, fighting crime and any common sense measures which improve people’s lives.

"I want more NHS funding, more freedom of speech, proportional representation and sensible controlled immigration.

"I am against foreign wars, nuclear weapons, tuition fees, GM foods, fracking and cruelty to animals.

"I have lived and worked in Braintree all my life, and for 11 years I was a staff photographer at the Braintree and Witham Times. I am now semi-retired."

Braintree and Witham Times:

Alan Dorkins (Independent)

"I have lived in the local area since 1985 and got married in Braintree and my children went to school in Steeple Bumpstead then on to Hedingham School.

"I love the rural life the surrounding villages of Braintree provide and enjoy what the town has to offer.

"I am standing as an independent because I am fed up with politics and the current batch of politicians.

"I seek to understand the needs and desires of people in their everyday lives.

"People have told me they want their MP to be their true voice. I do not have to toe a party line so I can truly reflect my constituents’ needs.

"The current cross-party fighting has caused the public to have very little sympathy for the tough job our politicians do.

"There must be a better way to represent local issues in Parliament and I’d like to find it with people who want to do the same.

"I voted leave in the referendum. However if elected I would put the wishes of my constituents first and foremost.

"My aim as a MP would be to listen to local people then deliver in Parliament."

Braintree and Witham Times:

Who are the candidates standing in Witham and what are they promising?

Braintree and Witham Times:

Priti Patel (Conservative)

"As Witham’s MP since 2010 I have supported tens of thousands of families, individuals and business with their concerns and issues they have raised with me.

"Protecting the law-abiding and hard-working majority has always been a priority for me, which is why I have worked with Essex Police to recruit hundreds more officers, including a dedicated policing team for Witham town and more police to tackle rural crime. Over the next three years hundreds more officers will join Essex Police as part of my work as Home Secretary to increase police numbers by 20,000 and make our streets safer.

"I have worked to secure new investment in local public services and infrastructure. Nearly £3 million more will be coming into schools in the constituency following representations I have made directly to the Government.

"Witham town is now set to get a new multipurpose healthcare centre through my work with the NHS nationally and our local GPs, who are working to deliver this new health centre in Witham. I have successfully made the case for more than £1 billion of new investment in new trains which will shortly come into service, more money to fix local roads and potholes, investment in widening the A12 and funding to support plans to dual the A120.

"If I am re-elected I will continue to be a strong voice for the constituency through my work locally and nationally in Westminster and ensure all communities in Witham are strongly represented."

Braintree and Witham Times:

Martin Edobor (Labour)

"I’m standing in this election because, as a doctor, I’ve seen first-hand the damage caused by nearly a decade of Tory cuts to vital services. A&E waiting times at their worst ever, cancer treatment targets missed and waiting lists growing longer and longer.

"At our local hospitals we’ve seen A&E struggling to cope, ambulances queuing and staff under immense pressure trying to treat the numbers urgently seeking care. The evidence is clear – you can’t trust the Tories with the NHS. Labour will ensure that the NHS is fully funded.

"We will also tackle the social care crisis.

"But aside from the NHS, I’m excited by Labour’s bold progressive programme for government.

"From hyperfast gigabyte broadband, to a Green Industrial Revolution providing over a million new jobs, Labour is focused on ensuring that our communities are ready and working for the 21st century.

"Locally, I’m committed to restoring local policing, so that once again the people can feel secure that crime in the local area will be tackled promptly. The Tories have left our towns and villages behind for too long.

"We can do better. For real change – vote Dr Martin Edobor Labour."

Braintree and Witham Times:

Sam North (Lib Dems)

"Standing in Witham is an honour. As an ex-police officer I have personally seen the devastation caused by consecutive home secretaries, including Priti Patel, on policing, crime and criminal justice. But it is not only these areas that the Conservatives have been failing. Our schools, our GPs, our economy are all struggling under their leadership.

"I am standing for hope and a brighter future, to bring the UK into the 21st century and to ensure that our country is prosperous and safe in an ever more hostile world.

"The Lib Dems in this election have the only manifesto of the three main parties that has not been slated by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

"The Liberal Democrats have the solutions and they are viable. Whether it be tackling the climate emergency, supporting those with mental health issues or providing all our children with first rate education, the Liberal Democrats are the only party that can and will deliver for all.

"A vote for me and the Liberal Democrats is a vote for a brighter future. It is a vote for pragmatism and positive politics, and it is a vote for remain."

Braintree and Witham Times:

James Abbott (Green Party)

"The media try to turn General Elections into a binary choice. But neither Mr Johnson nor Mr Corbyn are on ballot papers in the Witham constituency.

"This election is about who voters want to be their local MP.

"I have stood at each General Election since 1992 and am a local district councillor (20 years) and an Essex County councillor (six years).

"In May, the Green and Independent Group, which I lead, became the main opposition to the Conservatives at Braintree District Council.

"My main policy areas are:

- Clear opposition to West Tey New Town urbanisation plan.

- Support for genuinely affordable local housing.

- Better public transport – not just more road building. An off-road cycle network and capacity upgrade for Braintree branch line.

- Invest in key services – restore community policing, keep all libraries open, enhanced GP surgeries and Witham needs its own community hospital.

- Encourage recycling and continue to work with communities in campaigning against Rivenhall Airfield Incinerator.

- New policies to protect habitats currently so often lost on developments.

- Expand renewable energy.

"This is being called the ‘Brexit election’, but this must also be the ‘climate election’. The Greens have set out an ambitious set of policies to transform Britain towards net zero carbon by 2030."

Braintree and Witham Times:

What time do polls open and close?

Polls will open from 7am tomorrow and close at 10pm. Once polling has finished, an army of volunteers and council workers will take all ballot papers to Tabor Academy in Braintree where counting will begin.

Results for both Braintree and Witham constituencies aren't expected to be announced until around 4am on Friday.

What happened in the last election?

Both Conservative candidates standing in tomorrow's election secured comfortable victories in the previous General Election back in 2017.

In Braintree, James Cleverly got 32,873 votes and secured a majority of 18,422. Turnout for the election was 75,316 (69.5 per cent) meaning Mr Cleverly got 43.6 per cent of the votes.

In Witham meanwhile, Priti Patel 31,670 votes and got a majority of 18,646. Turnout in Witham was 69,137 (71.2 per cent) which meant Ms Patel secured 45.8 per cent of votes.

Braintree and Witham Times: Tabor AcademyTabor Academy

How can I follow the election?

We will be running a live blog throughout election night keeping you up to date with the latest news coming from the counts in Braintree, Witham and Maldon.

We will have reporters based in both Braintree and Maldon to cover the three counts and will bring you the full results and reaction as and when we get it.